Burn Baby Burn !

Custom D.I.Y. Fire Pit Parts & Accessories

About Us



There is nothing like the ambiance a fire feature creates. Its decorative like art. It’s functional like furniture. It creates an atmosphere of excitement when family and friends gather around it.  It adds another season to your backyard calendar with the warmth it creates. They can be portable or permanent, used for warmth or cooking. A fire feature adds value, instills happiness, and creates memories. They are soo versatile, everyone should have one!  …and where we come in.

The love for fire and water started in college after a visit to the outdoor patio at Pat O’Briens in New Orleans.  Since then, no backyard has been complete without a water and/or fire feature. And, as Florida salt-waterfront residents, there was also a desire for reasonably priced hi-quality, corrosive resistant, long lasting burners that wouldn’t rot or break down with only one or two seasons behind them. Like a cheap grill, there is no worse feeling than throwing something away due to its cheap craftsmanship after spending a pretty penny and “hoping it would last”…

Fast forward… Easy Fire Pits was born with a mission to produce those lasting non corrosive, easy to work with burners and parts that would allow everyone to enjoy this love of ours.  The ability for anyone to make a personal, artsy, yard or table enhancing fire feature; one that will last, can be altered and customized, re-used from home to home, or brought from party to party.  A product or group of products that would allow others to make almost anything they wish into a custom, personal pit, pot or torch.  Simple, and straight forward parts; easy enough for most amateurs to use, and yet a dream for any DIY (Do It Yourself) or professional fire feature builder.

Easy Fire Pits offers and will continue to enhance and produce burners and accessories for fire pits, fire pots, and torches. What we will produce will be friendly to use or work with, will last in most environments,  and create ambiance.

Most of our products are marine grade 304/316 stainless steel or solid copper, and will weather most environments out there for many many many years to come. they are heavier duty and not ultra thin like grill burners – in fact, we offer a simple “No Hassle LIFETIME GUARANTEE” on all of our stainless products to ensure that they DO!

Enjoy, be happy and be safe; after all… Fire does Burn!